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How to manage MySQL databases and MySQL users from the command line

Posted: 19 October 2017, Category: MySQL

Manage MySQL databases and MySQL users from the command line

What is MySQL?

MySQL is popular an open source database managem... CONTINUE READING →

Protect WordPress site from XML-RPC attack

Posted: 21 September 2016, Category: WordPress

Protect your WordPress site from XML-RPC attack

XML-RPC is a remote procedure call which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism. It is a system t... CONTINUE READING →

Rails 4 Directory Structure

Posted: 03 August 2016, Category: Coding

The Structure of a Rails 4 app

When you generate a new Rails 4 application, it creates an entire directory structure together with what seems at first sight to be a bewildering collection of fil... CONTINUE READING →

How to install Vagrant

Posted: 12 October 2015, Category: Coding

How to install Vagrant

These days web developers have a huge selection of ways to build their web development environment.

Development or local environment such as CONTINUE READING →

Exclude script on certain wordpress template

Posted: 29 June 2014, Category: WordPress

Exclude scripts in WordPress

Are you developing websites using very popular WordPress content manageme... CONTINUE READING →

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